Below outlines the procedure to change SGA parameter setting on a provisioned VDB.

The default domain user created on Delphix Engines is now admin instead of delphix_admin. When engines created before 5.3.1 are upgraded to 5.3.1 or later they will retain their old username 'delphix_admin'. To avoid complications Delphix recommends creating users with an admin role and then Disabling delphix_admin.


  1. Log into the Delphix Management application as admin or a user with Admin privileges.
  2. Go to source and then select the name of the VDB that you would like to change the parameters of.
  3. You are then going to update and edit the configParams.
  4. Next, you are going to set sga_target= correct value.
  5. Commit the operation so that it saves.


ssh admin@engine
delphix > source
delphix source > select "vdb_example"
delphix source "vdb_example" > update
delphix source "vdb_example" *> edit configParams
delphix source "vdb_example" *> set sga_target=new value
delphix source "vdb_example" *> commit
Modifying configuration parameters for a vPDB is not supported, so this workflow will not succeed for a vPDB.