This topic describes how to manage capacity by changing the Snapshot discard date on the Storage Capacity screen.

The accumulation of snapshots can have a substantial effect on capacity. For this reason, it is important that you set the snapshot frequency policy to accurately reflect the rate of change in your database, and set snapshot and log retention policies that are appropriate for your desired ability to recover Delphix Engine objects. See the topics under Managing Policies for more information. If you want to discard snapshots outside of a set policy, you can change the number of days they are retained on the Storage Capacity screen.


  1. Log into the Delphix Management application.
  2. Select Resources > Storage Capacity.
  3. Click in the Keep Until column for the snapshot you want to edit.
  4. Select the number of days you want to preserve the snapshot.
  5. Click Save to set the change.

Deleting Snapshots Associated with VDBs

Snapshots that have been used to provision Virtual Databases cannot be deleted. 

Viewing Snapshot Storage Capacity Usage

To view snapshot capacity usage:

  1. On the Storage Capacity screen, select a dataset.
  2. As shown below, capacity usage information is displayed in the panel located on the right.

    On the Storage Capacity screen, the panel on the right displays the current percentage of disk used.

    To recover storage space, select datasets or snapshots in the table below. The right pane will show how much space you have selected to recover if the datasets or snapshots were deleted.