To start using Central Management, you must connect your Delphix Engine(s). After connecting Delphix Engine(s) with Central Management, it will periodically connect to Central Management to update metadata and look for any commands, such as initiate a virtual database refresh. 

Prior to connecting Delphix Engines, all the steps described in the Prerequisites section must be completed.

There are two steps to adding an connecting a Delphix Engine with Central Management: 

  • Enabling the engine to connect to Central Management. 
  • Authenticating the engine via system administrator credentials.

Enabling Central Management Connectivity

Delphix is currently offering a SaaS-based Central Management service in beta. The use of this service requires that the Delphix Dynamic Data Platform engines  (masking or virtualization) have access to the internet and that the data services component be enabled.

Selecting enable on the data services component will prepare your engine for communication with the management service, but will not launch Central Management. A tenant must be provisioned for you by Delphix and your SAML2-based identity provider must be integrated to provide authentication for your enterprise. Once enabled this cannot be disabled. 

To enable connectivity to Central Management, you must enable the Central Management connector. To do so:

  1. Log into Delphix Setup on the engine you wish to connect to Central Management.
  2. As shown below, click on the Enable button located in the Central Management Connector section.

  3. In the Enable Central Management Connector dialog click Enable. This will connect your engine to Delphix, download the latest connector and ensure that the engine can reach Central Management.

    After enabling the component, a new Central Management section will be added to the dashboard. This will be listed as “unregistered.”
  4. Once the Central Management connector is enabled, each engine must be authenticated by someone with sysadmin credentials. This process is initiated from the Central Management UI.

    Note, the workstation/computer from which you are intending to authenticate must be able to access both Central Management and the engine you intend to authenticate.

Registering Engines With Central Management

Once the Central Management connector is enabled, each engine must be registered by someone with “sysadmin” credentials. Please note that one you register a Delphix Engine with Central Management, users of the Delphix Masking & Management services will only be able to authenticate using SSO (through SAML 2.0 IDP). Before proceeding with registration, ensure that each user on the Delphix Engine has the email address field filled out. 

The workstation from which you are intending to register must be able to access both Central Management and the Delphix engine you intend to authenticate. 

Registering an engine requires the following steps:

  1. Initiating Delphix Engine Registration within Central Management
  2. Authenticating Engine within Delphix Connect
  3. Confirmation within Central Management

Initiating Delphix Engine Registration within Central Management

  1. Login to Central Management as an Admin User. 
  2. Click the Engine tab.
  3. On the Infrastructure page, click Connect engine.

  4. In the Connect Engine modal, provide the following information:
    1. Engine name: This is a descriptive name that will be displayed in Central Management.
    2. Host: The IP address or fully qualified domain name of the engine. 
    3. Is this your
      • Production Network: Select this if the Delphix Engine is deployed in a production network (alongside your production application) 
      • Non-production Network: Select this if the Delphix Engine is deployed in a non-production network (or development network)

  5. Click Next. The final summary tab is displayed to enable you to review your configurations for Engine, Hostname, and Engine Type. 
  6. Review the summary.  
  7. Click Submit

Authenticating Engine within Delphix Connect

  1. Login to the Delphix Engine as a system administrator. The Delphix Connect page is displayed. 

  2. In the Delphix Connect page, click Connect to establish the connection to Central Management.
    After you click Connect, the page is refreshed as a part of the registration process. During the registration process, the Delphix Engine will upload metadata.

Confirmation within Central Management

To verify if the Delphix Engine has been added successfully, do the following:

  1. Login to Central Management.
  2. Navigate to the Engine tab. The Infrastructure page is displayed.
  3. Observe Delphix Engine shows Connected status. This shows the Delphix Engine is connected to Central Management.