Before you get started with Central Management, make sure that you complete the following prerequisites followed by the onboarding process.


This section provides prerequisites for Central Management. 

  • Delphix Engines: Your Delphix Engines must be running on version 5.3.5 or greater. Since Central Management is a cloud-based service, new features typically can be delivered without upgrading Delphix Engines. However, there may be some features that may require a future upgrade of the engines. 
  • Internet Access: The following details are required when configuring network settings to permit IP based restricted access to Delphix Central Management resources. (All requests are made using HTTPS):

    1. - The Delphix engine makes outbound API calls to This DNS resolves to a range of IP addresses that AWS updates on a regular basis. See the AWS documentation for more details.

    2. - Central Management can provide a fixed IP based endpoint in case the AWS range solution will not work. This IP address can be provided upon request.

    3. During the Beta period, the Delphix Engine must be able to reach There is not currently a fixed IP that can be used as an alternative, but a workaround exists that can be performed on the engine by request.

    4. - The Delphix engine makes outbound API calls to to validate the authenticity and integrity of software updates it periodically obtains from Central Management. Delphix signs its software packages with certificates issued by GoDaddy Certification Authority. GoDaddy provides information on certificates that are no longer trustworthy (expired, compromised, etc.) via this API which Delphix cross-references to make sure the software has been signed with a valid certificate. This DNS resolves to a range of IP addresses that GoDaddy updates on a regular basis. Currently any of the following IP addresses are acceptable: "", "", "", "", " .


Once you’ve completed the prerequisites, please email to proceed with the next two steps.

  1. Tenant Provisioning
    Delphix provisions a separate tenant for all organizations that wish to use Central Management. All users from a single email domain must belong to the same tenant and if needed, more than one email domain may belong to a tenant. These are provisioned as demanded.
  2. Identity Provider (IDP) Integration
    Central Management uses SAML2-based Identity Provider (For example Okta, Ping or OneLogin) authentication. Once Delphix has provisioned a tenant for your organization, the next step will be to work with Delphix to integrate with your Identity Provider. Once integrated, users will be able to automatically access Central Management.