Central Management allows you to easily interact with data across the enterprise. 

Data Discovery

In Central Management as either an administrative or standard user, access the Data Library section to see all sources and VDBs. This page displays all data for which the user has access and can be used to search for data. The section is used via the search bar, which does partial-string matches and full string matches on all visible (for example, name) and non-visible (for example, engine name) metadata. In the example below the user searched for devdb.

Dataset Operations

Much of Delphix is based on the operations performed upon data. A common challenge in scaling is to first discover data across engines and then subsequently initiate operations across engines. In Central Management, all data that a user has access to is visible, regardless of which engine it resides on. From this page, you can execute a Refresh VDB from this page. 

To execute a refresh of VDBs across multiple data sets, perform the following steps:

  1. Login to the Central Management application.
  2. Navigate to the Virtualization tab.
  3. In the search bar, provide the search terms to select your data. 

  4. Select one or more VDBs that you wish to refresh.
  5. Select the Refresh icon.

  6. The resulting page shows the latest point that each VDB will be refreshed to, review your selections and click Refresh to execute the multi-VDB refresh.

Job Management

Central Management provides insight into all virtualization jobs across connected engines. These jobs include both jobs that are initiated from connected Virtualization Engines as well as those initiated from Central Management (for example, a multiple-VDB refresh). Central Management will maintain 45 days' worth of jobs. 

Viewing Active and Completed Jobs

From the Jobs page, you are able to view all active and completed jobs. By using the Filter pane you are also able to view all jobs for a specific duration. 

To view active and completed jobs:

  1. Login to Central Management as an Admin User.
  2. Navigate to the Virtualization tab 
  3. Select Jobs from the pop-up menu.

  4. On the Jobs page, click the  Active and Completed Jobs link.

  5. Use the Filter pane to view the jobs by providing or selecting dates in the From Date / To Date fields.
  6. To view multiple job events, click on the > icon to expand details as shown below and scroll through all events. 

    Each job can be comprised of multiple job events.

To return to Central Management, simply close the tab and return to the prior tab.

Viewing Scheduled Jobs

From the Jobs page, you are able to view scheduled jobs with planned runs due to policy. Clicking on the job will expand the policy schedule details as well as a link to the policy itself. The scheduled job list is sorted by the expected job order, displaying the next upcoming job first. You may click the policy to expand its details, which also displays the option to modify or view the policy within an engine.

To view scheduled jobs:

  1. Login to Central Management as an Admin user.
  2. Navigate to the Virtualization tab 
  3. Select Jobs from the pop-up menu.
  4. Click the Scheduled link.
  5. To view multiple policy details events, click on the > icon to expand the policy.  
  6. Click View Policy next to the policy name. This action takes you directly to the Policy on your Delphix Virtualization Engine.
  7.  Modify or view the policy within your Delphix Engine. 

To return to Central Management, simply close the tab and return to the prior tab.