To remove an engine from Central Management, you must disconnect the engine and then remove the engine.

Disconnecting an Engine

To disconnect the Delphix Engine, perform the following steps:

  1. Login to the Delphix Setup on the Delphix Engine as a system administrator.
  2. In the Central Management Dashboard panel, click Modify. This will open the Delphix Connect panel. 

  3. In Delphix Connect, provide your Delphix system administrator credentials. 
  4. In the Central Management Connection area, click Disconnect. This will disconnect your Delphix Engine from Central Management. 

Removing the Engine from Central Management

To remove Delphix Engine from Central Management perform below steps:

  1. Login to Central Management as an Admin User.
  2. Navigate to the Infrastructure tab. 
  3. In the Connected engines page, select the engine that you want to remove from Central Management. 
  4. Click the Trash icon. 

  5. In the Delete Engine dialog, click Delete. A successful delete message is displayed. Your Delphix Engine is removed from Central Management.