This topic describes the basic concepts behind exporting a virtual database to a physical one, also known as V2P.

After you have created a dSource or a VDB, you can export its contents and log files to a physical database. This process, referred to as V2P, creates a set of directories in the target environment and populates them with the database data, log files, and scripts that are used to recover the physical database. You can automatically start the physical database recovery process as part of the V2P export, or you can use the scripts for a manual recovery. When the export process completes, the target environment will contain a copy of the database in its unvirtualized size, so before you begin the process, make sure the target directories you specify in the V2P wizard have enough capacity to hold the unvirtualized database.

V2P can be initiated by users with delphix_admin credentials, and object and group owners.  

We currently do not support V2P for DB2.