This topic describes the process for using scripts to correct violations that occur when a dSource does not pass validation checks for cross-platform provisioning.

As described in Enabling Oracle dSources for Cross-Platform Provisioning, a dSource may not pass all the validation checks that are necessary for it to be eligible for cross-platform provisioning. Failure to pass these checks is usually the result of an issue with objects in the database itself. For example, there cannot be any user objects in system tablespaces, and other requirements as described in Cross-Platform Provisioning of Oracle dSources: Overview. These validation violations must be corrected by modifying the database objects, which can be accomplished by uploading a Transformation Script. This script is a series of SQL commands that will be run against the temporary virtual database (VDB) before the validation process executes. For example, the Transformation Script might move user objects from the system tablespace to a user tablespace. The Delphix Customer Services group can help you with the initial creation of these scripts. 


  1. Log into the Delphix Management application.
  2. If the Datasets panel is not visible, select Manage > Datasets.
  3. In the Datasets panel, select the dSource that did not pass the cross-platform provisioning validation checks.
  4. Click the Expand icon for the dSource to view its card.
  5. Click the Linux tab.
  6. Click the Upload Transformation Script icon in the lower-right corner of the card.
  7. Click Choose a File to Upload and navigate to the location of the script, then click Choose.
    The file will automatically upload when you click Choose. 

    The Transformation Script must be an SQL or plain text file otherwise the upload will fail.

  8. Click the Validate Transformation icon to execute the script against the temporary virtual database.