Delphix enables agile data management, but our users first need to learn how to use our platform. Learn more about what data management looks like and how Delphix fits into the bigger picture. The following sections link to the Getting Started section of our Datasets category. This category also has explanations of other components of the Delphix platform, such as environments and policies.

Getting Started Outline

Managing Data Sources and Syncing Data

This section explains how to manage your data sources and create dSources. It hopes to answer questions such as: when you link a database, what happens? How does Delphix stay in sync with changes to a data source, and is there any impact to that source?

Learn about how we link to your data sources to enable fast and secure data management.

Provisioning and Managing Virtual Databases

This section details the virtual database (VDB) functionality and explains how you can create, manage, and utilize these data objects. This section will address questions such as: what is a virtual database, what makes them virtual? What does it mean to provision? 

Learn all about the objects we create and refer to as virtual databases or VDBs.

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