Release Changes

Delphix OS Fixes (Optional on Reboot)

Bug NumberDescription
DLPX-69203Improved synchronous write performance over iSCSI.
DLPX-69167Improved SQL Server data ingestion performance by leveraging asynchronous writes on underlying storage.
DLPX-69298Eliminated possible data corruption on SQL server and vFiles over iSCSI that can occur when a Delphix Engine reboots.

Masking Fixes

Bug NumberDescription
DLPX-69238Secure Shuffle algorithm, when used with extended connectors, leaves data unmasked but reports success.

Redefine condition on Mainframe Inventory UI is vulnerable to XSS attacks

DLPX-69134Masking product is missing Oracle NLS support.

Release Changes

Management Server Fixes

Bug NumberDescription
DLPX-60689For SAP ASE, instead of using the DBCC CHECKALLOC command to fix DBID mismatch issue, the MOUNT command with FIXDBID and ALLOW_DBID_MISMATCH clauses will be used, to improve performance.
DLPX-65831VDB snapshots need to clean unneeded ZFS datafiles.
DLPX-63949Improved boot time after 5.3 to 6.0 migration by optimizing metadata indexing.
DLPX-66261Upgrades to will only be supported from a release greater than or equal to
DLPX-66486Snapshot of a linked database can end up with extra datafiles that do not belong to the database which might cause VDB on VDB provision to fail during rename of datafiles.
DLPX-66558Cluster environment discovery was incomplete if the host locale was not English.
DLPX-66804DB_LINK using incorrect user when RAC node also configured as a standalone environment.
DLPX-66768vPDB save state lead to rollback or child provisioning failures.
DLPX-66823Unable to link database with CL8MSWIN1251 charset.
DLPX-64538Fixed a bug causing the timezone selector to only be visible when manually setting the time.
DLPX-66809Removed the Windows Diagnostics Files and Directories on successful Diagnostics upload.
DLPX-67279Provision failed when the source was from a RAC Oracle Standard Edition database and the target was Oracle Standard Edition.
DLPX-67451Fixed an issue that sporadically caused replication to fail with an internal error.
DLPX-67454Delphix Engine should select the highest version ojdbc driver available at ORACLE_HOME/ojdbc/lib.
DLPX-66077Ensures child worker threads are gracefully exited when parent linked source sync job has completed/terminated.
DLPX-45983MSSQL Validated sync will resume when storage usage falls below the threshold if storage threshold enforcement failed in the past.
DLPX-67560Fixed an issue where MT provision may result in ORA-02058 due to un-purged or inflight 2PC transactions on dSource.
DLPX-67594Old timeflows and snapshots are not getting removed by snapshot retention.
LX-2020Report the correct amount of memory allocated to EC2 Nitro instances.
DLPX-67413Fixed an issue where VDB point in time provisioning might fail if Oracle database environment is configured in a non-English locale.
DLPX-67684PDB provisioning failed if the source had shutdown triggers.
DLPX-67575Fixed failure during point in time 'Virtual to Physical' provisioning.
After setting the database online give it some extra time to startup completely, before doing any further operation on it.
DLPX-67759Redact sensitive information from phone-home data.
DLPX-64638Validated sync stops working if Delphix cannot connect to the backup server.
DLPX-65559Even when the staging instance is down, attempt counter to detect backup files keeps on increasing and eventually, it stops detecting backups.
DLPX-56537When a target host is used by a large number of dSources for staging or has a large number of objects, the performance of Delphix operations like validated sync, refresh, rewind, etc can be slow due to Powershell processes being serialized.
DLPX-67894Removing cluster resource without removing its dependency can result in cluster failure. So, added retryer logic while fetching the resource dependencies (Get-ClusterResourceDependency) and ultimately fail the operation after all the retries.
DLPX-67813Unsupported SQL server backup type gets picked while validated sync and the operation fails while looking for the backup. So, introduced a tunable filter to automatically skip SQL backups taken by backup software not supported by yet Delphix.
DLPX-67925Added env host connectivity toolkit support for SLES on Power9.
DLPX-67934Retries to fetch image identifiers during Netbackup restore if there is a mismatch between MSDB and Netbackup Master.
DLPX-67655Fixed an issue where retention enforcement can generate user-visible errors while attempting to delete snapshots with dependencies after PDB migration to new CDB.
LX-1944EBS NVMe devices can now be used in Delphix Engines.
DLPX-68022Fixed an issue where hostchecker 'Check Oracle DB Instance' fails on HPUX and AIX.
DLPX-68124PDBs with lower/mixed case names will not enable after an upgrade.
DLPX-68126Fixed a bug that limits the number of disks that can be added in GCP.
DLPX-67421Update the primary db file names in a transaction with the Timeflow creation to make sure whenever a Timeflow is created successfully we have its primary file information.
DLPX-67440Skip VDBs having its current Timeflow as null from 'PrimaryDbFileAvailabilityCheck' as these VDBs doesn't undergo queisceing and are recoverable by refreshing them.
DLPX-61818Linking wizard - Target Environment step - Privileged Credentials authenticates on the selected target now.
DLPX-68117Some non-Admin users, lack all permissions, are unable to login to upgraded engine.
DLPX-67290A wrong version input by user while manually adding a SQL Server instance, created issues in provisioning VDBs. SQL Server version will now be auto-discovered for manually added instances on adding or refreshing the environment.
DLPX-66238Updated error message to let know user that non discovered CDBs are filtered out from the list when linking a detached source.
DLPX-68457When a target host is used by a large number of dSources for staging or has a large number of objects, the performance of Delphix operations like validated sync, refresh, rewind, etc can be slow due to Powershell processes being serialized.
DLPX-68484Fixed the issue where 'lstart' column value of sysusages table was beyond the range of Integer data type by taking the Long data type to store the lstart value.
DLPX-68500Fixed an issue where the NTP service is not started following a reboot.
DLPX-68290Support bundle generation can be time-consuming if the engine has a large number of snapshots to process.
DLPX-67792Fixed issue in grids in which the selection checkbox was unclickable.
DLPX-67555Provision vPDB/vCDB fails with ORA-45900 if the parameter enable_pluggable_database is omitted when specifying database parameters for new vCDB.

Delphix OS Fixes

Bug NumberDescription
DLPX-67782Engines running 5.3 on EC2 i3 can now be migrated to 6.0.
DLPX-67961Fixed an issue that prevents ssh access after switching to a static IP address.
DLPX-65948Fixed a bug that could cause replication jobs to fail with internal errors
DLPX-68025Improved boot time after 5.3 to 6.0 upgrade by reducing the overhead of setting ZFS properties.
DLPX-67868Fixed a bug that can cause the management service to run out of memory when disabling the Splunk integration.

Masking Fixes

Bug NumberDescription
DLPX-64530Allow a JDBC URL to contain a single quote (') character.

Add a status column to the audit log page to report each recorded action's result (success/failure).


Fix an issue where an in-place, multi-tenant XML file masking job that used file patterns did not have an execution component.

DLPX-65974Updated log statements in the file masking job logs to reflect that file connectors may use mounts in addition to FTP and SFTP.
DLPX-66127Fixed a job monitoring issue when counting the rows in table with more than 2+ billion (2,147,483,647) rows.
DLPX-62130Fixed an issue with the XML file inventory GUI that prevented users from assigning algorithms to both a tag and its attribute(s).
DLPX-66272Fixed an issue where an on-the-fly job using generic connectors used an incorrect database password.
DLPX-66600Removed the requirement to restart the Masking service after changing email settings.
DLPX-66328Fixed an issue with file masking jobs using multiple record types that could cause the job to fail or corrupt the output.
DLPX-66557Added support to the Date Shift algorithm for numeric data types.
DLPX-66517Enhanced the GET /file-field-metadata endpoint to return the full XML XPath for an XML field.
DLPX-66102"Drop Indexes" checkbox now handles compound indices correctly for Sybase.
DLPX-66967Fixed a Job Scheduler issue that caused a periodic job to only running once.
DLPX-67318Prevent reordering of the XML file inventory GUI when an algorithm is assigned
DLPX-67317On the XML file inventory GUI, open the algorithm assignment dialogue box with a single mouse click
DLPX-66076Added API endpoints for file recordTypes and recordTypeQualifiers
DLPX-65855Optimize the performance of EngineSync import, export, and get syncable object for large database rule sets.
DLPX-65987Fixed an issue that caused data level profiling of a database to fail when a column name was a special JavaScript word.
DLPX-67747Fixed an issue that caused some delimited or fixed file masking jobs with multiple record types of different lengths to fail.
DLPX-67470Fixed delimited file masking to treat double quote (") characters in fields as normal characters.
DLPX-67765Updated the Sybase JDBC driver.
DLPX-67838Fixed an issue that prevented XML File masking jobs from scaling above a few thousand files.
DLPX-67832Non-administrators can no longer regenerate the engine encryption key.
Make username searches on the Audit page case insensitive.
Fix an issue that caused an XML file masking job to run out of memory when masking very large XML input files.
DLPX-46220Import of extremely large object sets via the GUI XML feature is handled inefficiently.

Release Changes

Management Server Fixes

Bug Numer


DLPX-27433The analytics GUI network graph shows newly added NIC information without requiring a management service restart.


If you add a hook script via the CLI, newlines are removed erroneously.

DLPX-40094Correctly set the default type for the parameters to all operations in the CLI according to the container type.


Exclude sybsecurity from the list of auto-discovered databases.


Java 6 packages are no longer included in the product image.


When a user is set with the Provisioner role the 'provision' button does not appear, meaning anyone set with this role only is unable to provision VDBs.


The Delphix Engine does not provide instructions to browsers to avoid caching HTTP responses (pages).


Ensure Windows mount points are always unmounted as part VDB refreshes to prevent future VDB refreshes from failing due to "ERROR_ASSIGN_MOUNTPATH: failed to assign mount path for disk <dsik_number> at <mount_path>, error -2147024751".


In environments where the vPDB has been provisioned using a Delphix provisioned virtual CDB, shutting down the virtual PDB causes it to get into an incorrect "Cannot monitor" state, this has now been fixed to show the correct "Stopped" state.


Fixed an issue where vPDB refresh/rollback triggers spurious vCDB restart jobs, after vPDB+vCDB auto-restart.


Validated Sync can fail when monitoring ASE backup servers started by using the $DSLISTEN environment variable instead of the "-S" argument. This can be worked around by accessing $DSLISTEN in the RUN_xxxxx script and pass it down as -S.


VDBs with no snapshots failed to re-enable after a Delphix Engine upgrade, this has now been fixed.


Display underlying ssh error when environment host connections fail.


Enable Oracle LiveSource when LiveSource is in RESYNC_NEEDED state currently re-start Oracle Redo Apply. Oracle Redo Apply should not be restarted in this state.


Fixed a TCP port leak in the network throughput test feature.


Provisioning vFiles to the same host using different OS Environment Users no longer fails.


The API to list all snapshots consumes a significant amount of memory when there are more than 100,000 snapshots on the engine.


Fixed an issue where Oracle remote listener registration fails if set to empty string.
DLPX-60603Network settings dialog now displays actual MTU value rather than a checkbox.


Fixed an issue where the Environment Monitor on Redhat 6.9 and 6.10 might throw unidentified version errors.


When user configures connection strings manually, these connect strings can end up connecting to incorrect PDBs/CDBs causing invalid snapshots. Verify that each connection to a PDB/CDB connects to the expected PDB/CDB.


Delphix backups create controlfile records; in rare circumstances, these records can cause invalid snapshots. To avoid this problem, remove Delphix backups control file records when using SCN-based SnapSyncs once a SnapSync completes successfully.


Allow certificates to expire after issuer certificate expiration.


Reduce SSH connections by temporarily preserving and reusing existing Delphix<->host connections where possible.


Spurious job event "DISCOVERED_TO_MANUAL_ORACLE_CLUSTER_NODES" no longer shows up for non-Oracle RAC environment refreshes.


In Oracle versions 18c and 19c, an Oracle bug can prevent the datafile headers from being updated for a standby database when managed recovery is running, resulting in failed SnapSync operations. Alert the user that an Oracle patch might be needed.


Removed unneeded EMPTY_RENEGOTIATION cipher


Fixed an issue where stale file mounts may be leftover when vPDB provision fails.


Initial setup now fails if the system was not provisioned with enough storage.
DLPX-63600Network settings dialog now displays actual MTU value rather than a checkbox.
DLPX-64641Fixed an issue where the last snapshot of a vPDB Timeflow can be deleted after the vPDB has been disabled, thus leaving the vPDB in a state with no provisionable snapshots.


Allow provisioning to complete when source CDB includes PDBs in a broken state.


Provision should remove files present in datafile filesystem that are not part of the database when provisioning a VDB from a VDB.


ASE environment discovery will not fail if there is a mismatch of "dataserver name argument" and value of "@@servername".

Delphix OS Fixes

Bug NumberDescription
DLPX-57384Fixed a system hang caused by a deadlock in ZFS.

Masking Fixes

Bug NumberDescription


Added a job execution event with information on how to resolve an Oracle deadlock error (ORA-00060), see


Added a job execution event with information on how to resolve an Oracle snapshot too old error (ORA-01555), see


Test connector detects that a file/mainframe connector targets a single file instead of a directory and fails.


Fixed copy rule set to prevent leading/trailing spaces in a new rule set's name.


Correctly display file patterns, including escape characters, throughout the user interface.


Fixed the disable constraint feature to support an Oracle constraint (a) created by a different database user than the Masking job's database user and (b) using a validation setting of "NOT VALIDATED".


Added support for LDAPS (LDAP over TLS/SSL).


Attach the correct PDF report to all job execution emails.


When editing a large rule set in the GUI, do not reset to the first page after editing and saving a modification to a rule set component.


If a failure occurs during job generation, do not attempt to execute the job.


When uploading an SSH key, return an error if the name contains one of the following restricted characters: \ (backslash), ; (semi-colon), % (percent), ? (question mark), or : (colon).


Improved the performance for appending new mapping values to a mapping algorithm.


Fixed PDF report download URLs.


Fixed creation of a PDF audit report on the Audit tab of the user interface.


Removed leading/trailing spaces from Masking object names on upgrade. For naming rules, see the Getting Started > Naming Requirements section in the documentation.


Fixed the XML file inventory GUI to show an algorithm edit button for a tag with the same name as its parent.


Added support in the user interface for Cobol copybooks with a redefine condition at level 01.


Improved the file record types user interface to (a) remove the unnecessary length input and (b) clarify that the qualifier may be a regular expression.


Improved the performance of the copy environment feature.


Fixed an issue in the copy environment feature that removed file format assignments from the source environment.


Fixed an issue in the segment mapping algorithm that caused duplicate mappings if a minimum value was specified for the real values range.


For mainframe file masking, add support for a redefine condition on a field name that contains a - (dash) followed by a digit.


Fixed an issue with the rule set GUI when displaying table names longer than 50 multi-byte characters.