This section includes new features Delphix has added to its existing products or services. 


  • Masking Extended ConnectorsA very common request for masking has been to support additional data sources, outside of the currently supported list. Thus, the next step in the strategy is the release of Masking Extended Connectors, which will allow our customers to add JDBC drivers to the masking engine to facilitate the masking of additional data sources. This will allow masking to be used for other common databases that can be accessed via JDBC, like SAP HANA, Informix, etc.

  • SQL Server CDC Support: We have expanded our support for SQL Server databases using Change Data Capture (CDC), a SQL Server feature that captures all the change information that is applied to the databases and stores it in change tables. Now, users will have the ability to preserve CDC data and enable CDC for SQL Server VDBs.


  • Virtualization
    • ASE 16 and 15.7 with Solaris SPARC 11U3 and SPARC 11U4 
    • ASE 16 and 15.7 with RHEL 7.7
    • SQL Server 2019 Support with Windows 2016 and Windows 2019
    • Oracle 19c with SUSE SLES 15 SP1
    • Oracle 19c with Solaris 11 U4 and U3 x86
  • Hypervisors: The following hypervisors have been certified in 6.0.1.

    • VMware ESX 6.5 U1, U2, U3

    • VMware ESX 6.7 U3


Google Cloud Support:  Delphix now supports running in Google Cloud Platform for existing supported databases.

Enhanced Networking Adapter (ENA) Support: Delphix supports networking on AWS instances with the Elastic Network Adapter (ENA). This offers our customers enhanced networking capabilities and more economical options. Notably, this includes the AWS R4 instance types.

  • Masking NFS/CIFS Mount: Our customers increasingly are masking files alongside their databases. The masking engine has classically supported this via FTP/SFTP but now to make things easier Delphix has introduced the ability to directly mount and mask a file system - over NFS and CIFS. This should dramatically simplify the process of file masking.

  • Oracle Quality: Continued focus on Oracle quality and have introduced several quality improvements with our 6.0 release. 

  • Masking API Updates: 6.0 introduces a significant number of new endpoints, including mainframe control, as well as updates for existing endpoints. This release also introduces versioning for the masking API, allowing our customers to upgrade without risk of breaking their integrations.

  • AdoptOpenJDK 8 for the Delphix Toolkit: Delphix has changed the Java Development Kit (JDK) that is included with the toolkit, and is sent to all Delphix connected environments. Customers who require using Oracle Java may continue to do so with the feature to provide their own Java, which shipped in 5.3.5.

  • Removed Instance Check: When running in AWS or Azure, the product will no longer raise a fault when it detects that it is running on an unsupported instance. This enables Delphix to certify previously released software on new instances without having to modify the software.
    The product will still detect what instance it is running on and include this information in the user interface and phone home bundles. We will also continue to publish a matrix of supported instances for Azure, AWS, and GCP in the product documentation. Delphix provides no guarantee of performance or support for unsupported instance types.

  • Upgrade Process: The upgrade to 6.0 will be an in-place upgrade like other Delphix releases, there are a few changes that will improve the process overall for 6.0:

    • We will require an upgrade to an interim release first (either 5.3.6). This can be done at the same time as the customer upgrades to 6.0 or in the months prior.

    • We will be introducing new upgrade checks to ensure that customers are not using features that have been removed. For a list of removed features see Deprecated and Removed Features.

    • We will provide an upgrade image specific for each platform we support with Virtualization (VMWare, AWS, Azure, GCP). This will allow us to be more precise in customizing the images for each.