You can always download the current Windows connector version from the Delphix Engine from the following locations:

Delphix Dynamic Data Platform versions before

http://<name of your Delphix Engine>/connector/DelphixConnectorInstaller.msi 

Delphix Dynamic Data Platform versions onwards:

http://<name of your Delphix Engine>/connector/DelphixConnectorInstaller.exe


The Delphix Connector and Engine are generally backward-compatible.

Delphix connector version 1.18.0 and beyond is compatible with Delphix Engine and later releases.

Delphix connector version 1.17.0 or earlier is compatible with Delphix Engine and earlier releases.

Checking the Windows Connector Version

After installing the connector, you can perform the following steps to determine the Windows connector version.

  1. Navigate to the Windows Environment.
  2. In the search box on the taskbar, type Add or Remove Programs or launch Start > Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features.
  3. On the Add or Remove Programs screen, locate Delphix Connector and then click on the software to check the version installed. 

Windows Connector Matrix

The following table details the supported Windows Connector and JRE versions for the corresponding Delphix Dynamic Data Platform versions.

Delphix Dynamic Data Platform VersionWindows Connector VersionJRE Version ( ( ( 8u242 8u262-b10 8u282-b08 8u302-b08

The following table details the .Net connector version compatibility for the corresponding Windows Connector versions.

.Net Connector VersionWindows Connector Version and earlier
3.5 and 4.0+1.18.0 and higher

File Checksum / Hashes

The following table provides the MD5 and SHA256 file hash for recent Delphix versions, in the instance that a security policy requires an exception for software installation.

Delphix Dynamic Data Platform VersionConnector VersionMD5 HashSHA256 Hash