The sections in this article cover securing the Delphix GUI, which is similar to securing other web consoles. Some of these solutions include reducing the session timeout threshold, creating a signed certificate, and disabling HTTP access. 

Reduce Inactive Session Timeout to 15 minutes

This means that a user will be booted from the session after 15 minutes of inactivity. This is done with a CLI command on a per-user basis by modifying the sessionTimeout property of the User object, as shown below. The default inactive timeout happens after 30 minutes.

myhost.delphix.com>  cd  user 
myhost.delphix.com user> select delphix_admin 
myhost.delphix.com user 'delphix_admin'> update
myhost.delphix.com user 'delphix_admin' update *> set sessionTimeout=15 
myhost.delphix.com user 'delphix_admin' update *> commit

Use a URL from your Domain and Create a Signed Certificate

Do not use IP Addresses to access the Delphix Engine. Create a hostname and DNS entry, such as “delphix1.mycompany.com”. Delphix Support can assist in converting the engine from a self-signed certificate to a signed certificate that maps to your domain name. Please file a Support ticket to proceed.

Disable HTTP Access

Disabling HTTP or configuring HTTP to redirect connections to HTTPS is recommended to protect in-flight user credentials and connections with the engine. This can be done via the command line or through the GUI.

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