This topic describes how to manually recover a database after the V2P process.

If you select No as the option for Run recovery after V2P during the V2P export process, you can use the scripts that are created in the script directory for your database instance in the target environment to manually recover the database.


  1. In the V2P target environment, navigate to the scripts directory for your exported database instance.
    You can find the scripts in a sub-directory named for that specific database instance. For Oracle databases, the path is  <target_directory>/<db_unique_name>/script/<instance name> . For SQL Server databases, the path is <target_directory>\<db_name>\scripts.
  2. For Oracle databases, locate the scripts and  Run them in that order.
    For SQL Server databases, locate the script Provision.ps1 and run it.
  3. For SQL Server databases, when the script completes, Refresh the target environment for it to discover the recovered database.
    For Oracle databases, add the recovered database to /etc/oratab and Refresh the target environment for it to discover the recovered database.

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