This topic describes how to use the command-line interface to trigger an immediate execution of a replication spec in the Delphix Engine.


  1. Switch to the replication spec context and list the specs on the system.

    delphix> cd replication/spec
    delphix replication spec> ls
    REFERENCE           TARGETHOST               
  2. Select the replication spec to execute.

    delphix replication spec> select REPLICATION_SPEC-1
    delphix replication spec "">
  3. Execute the spec.

    delphix replication spec ""> execute
    delphix replication spec "" execute *> commit
        Dispatched job JOB-7
        REPLICATION_SEND job started.
        Connecting to target "".
        Preparing replication update.
        Starting incremental replication update.
        Sending metadata.
        Sending data for "Untitled".
        Sending data for "Untitled/redsox1".
        Transfer completed in 0:00:01, sent 1.39MB (1.39MB/s).
        Committing serialization state.
        REPLICATION_SEND job completed successfully.