This topic describes how to link to a single instance Oracle database using the Delphix Engine command-line interface.


You will need the following information:

  • The name of the dSource you want to create.
  • The group in which you want to create the dSource.
  • The database unique name of the Oracle database you want to link to.
  • The database username/password with sufficient privileges as described in the Delphix User Guide.
  • The host environment user with sufficient privileges as described in the Delphix User Guide.


  1. Execute the database link command.

    delphix> database link
    delphix database link>
  2. The default linkData.type in the LinkParameters is set to ASELinkData, but you can confirm that by getting the input type. Set linkData.type to OracleLinkFromExternal for Oracle database.

    delphix database link *> get linkData.type
    delphix database link *> set linkData.type=OracleLinkFromExternal
    delphix database link *> get linkData.type
    	OracleLinkFromExternal (*)
    delphix database link *> ls
        type: LinkParameters
        name: (required)
        description: (unset)
        group: (required)
            type: OracleLinkFromExternal (*)
            backupLevelEnabled: (unset)
            bandwidthLimit: (unset)
            checkLogical: (unset)
            compressedLinkingEnabled: (unset)
            config: (required)
                type: PasswordCredential
                password: (required)
            dbUser: (required)
            diagnoseNoLoggingFaults: (unset)
            encryptedLinkingEnabled: (unset)
            environmentUser: (required)
            externalFilePath: (unset)
            filesPerSet: (unset)
            linkNow: (unset)
            nonSysCredentials: (unset)
            nonSysUser: (unset)
            numberOfConnections: (unset)
            operations: (unset)
            preProvisioningEnabled: (unset)
            rmanChannels: (unset)
            sourcingPolicy: (unset)
                type: OracleSyncFromExternalParameters
                doNotResume: (unset)
                doubleSync: (unset)
                forceFullBackup: (unset)
                skipSpaceCheck: (unset)
  3. Set the name for the dSource and the group in which you want to create it.

    delphix database link *> set name=example1
    delphix database link *> set group="<New Group>"
  4. Set the source configuration.
    For Oracle databases, these are identified by the database unique name. If you are unsure of the set of available databases, you can list available source configurations.

    delphix database link *> /sourceconfig list
    example1  '/opt/ora/dexample1'  true
    example2  '/opt/ora/dexample1'  true
    delphix database link *> set linkData.config=example1
  5. Set the privileged database username/password.
    The password can be set like other properties, or the value can be omitted so that it can be manually inputted without exposing the password.

    delphix database link *> set linkData.dbUser=delphix
    delphix database link *> set linkData.dbCredentials.password
    Enter dbCredentials.password: ********
  6. Set the privileged environment user.
    This user must be from the same environment as the associated source config set in step 4. You can list the set of available users through the environment user listcommand.

    delphix database link *> /environment/user list
    delphix database link *> set linkData.environmentUser=oracle
  7. Adjust any other properties you may want, such as RMAN tunables, description, and whether to link now.
    The full set of options is described in the API documentation for the OracleLinkFromExternal type. If you set the linkNow property, then this operation will wait for the sync to complete, otherwise, you can perform the initial link by running the sync command at a later point.

    delphix database link *> set linkData.linkNow=true
  8. Commit the result.

    delphix database link *> commit
        Dispatched job JOB-8
        DB_LINK job started for "<New Group>/example1".
        Obtaining information from source database "<New Group>/example1".
        Creating new TimeFlow for dSource "<New Group>/example1".
        The dSource "example1" was successfully linked from source database "<New Group>/example1".
        DB_LINK job for "<New Group>/example1" completed successfully.