This topic describes the process of configuring a Delphix Self-Service (Jet Stream) data template for Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS).

By configuring a data template for EBS, you eliminate the need to order operations applied across the EBS datasets.
The ordering of operations is a result of the dataset dependencies discussed in topics under Managing Data Operations of Virtual EBS Instances, such as Refreshing a Virtual EBS Instance.


  1. Create a Delphix Self-Service data template by following the procedure outlined in Understanding Data Templates.
    1. For EBS, the data template will have three data sources: the dbTechStack, database, and appsTier.
  2. Be sure to set the following ordering of the data sources when creating the data template. This ordering will ensure that Delphix Self-Service operations do not violate the EBS dataset dependencies.




Once you have created a Delphix Self-Service data template, you can configure Delphix Self-Service data containers to manage virtual EBS instances. Delphix Self-Service data containers will follow the ordering of data sources configured in the template. All Delphix Self-Service operations should works as expected for virtual EBS instances.

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