In Delphix, the new API version is 1.11.10. This section describes all API changes since API version 1.11.9, which was released with Delphix

All URL paths are relative to /resources/json/delphix.

What's Changed?

API ObjectPathTypeNameChange
CredentialsEnvVarsN/A (value type)API TypeCredentialsEnvVarsExtends reference changed from TypedObject to IdentifiableArrayElement.
CredentialsEnvVarsN/A (value type)property



Optional for an update.

Optional for update.

IscsiTarget/storage/iscsi/targetpropertystateAdded enum value ERROR.
KeyPairCredentialN/A (value type)propertyprivateKey
Required for create.
Optional for update.
NetworkRoute/network/routepropertylistAdd enum value protocol in "cliDisplay".
OperationN/A (value type)API TypeOperationExtends reference changed from TypedObject to IdentifiableArrayElement.
OracleDatabaseContainerN/A (value type)propertyracMaxInstanceLagFeatureFlag 'ORACLERACMAXINSTANCELAG' is removed.
default value changed to 3.
OracleExportParametersN/A (value type)propertyfilesystemLayoutExtends reference changed from TimeFlowFilesystemLayout to OracleExportTimeflowFilesystemLayout
SystemInitializationParametersN/A (value type)propertydevicesOptional while creating.

Removed values for enum -

"ACT", "AET", "AGT", "ART", "AST", "SST", "US/Pacific -New", "VST".

What's New?

API ObjectPathTypeNameDescription
IdentifiableArrayElementN/A (value type)API TypeIdentifiableArrayElementA unique identifier is generated by the engine when this object is in an array. If this value is set and this object is in an update request, this id identifies the element to update in the existing array. In that case, this object can be sparse (only the changed properties need to be included). The resulting position of the element in the array is its position in the update. If an element with this id does not exist, this object is ignored. If the id is not set, a new object is added to the array and a new id is assigned to it by the engine. If an existing element id is omitted from an update, the corresponding element is deleted. To preserve an existing array element unchanged, the API client must include an element in the update with just this id.
MSSqlSnapshotN/A (value type)propertybackupSoftwareType
The backup software was used to restore the source database backup for this snapshot.
The type of backup location where the source database backup was present.
The protocol is used to manage the route.
Create a new NetworkRoute object.
Return the NetworkRoute object reference.
ObjectStoreN/A (value type)API TypeObjectStoreAn object store.
OracleExportTimeflowFilesystemLayoutN/A (value type)API TypeOracleExportTimeflowFilesystemLayoutA filesystem layout that matches the filesystem of a Delphix Oracle TimeFlow for use in database export.
S3ObjectStoreAccessInstanceProfileN/A (value type)API TypeS3ObjectStoreAccessInstanceProfile

S3 object store access through instance profile.

S3ObjectStoreAccessKeyN/A (value type)API TypeS3ObjectStoreAccessKeyS3 object store access key.
S3ObjectStoreAccessN/A (value type)API TypeS3ObjectStoreAccessS3 Object-store access.
S3ObjectStoreTestResultN/A (value type)API TypeS3ObjectStoreTestResultAn Amazon S3 object store connectivity test result.
S3ObjectStoreTestN/A (value type)API TypeS3ObjectStoreTestAn Amazon S3 object store connectivity test object.
S3ObjectStoreN/A (value type)API TypeS3ObjectStoreAn Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) object store.
SystemInitializationParametersN/A (value type)propertyobjectStoreObject storage.