NFSv4 is available starting in 6.0.2. Initial NFSv4 support is limited to target/staging hosts running Redhat 7 or later. The Appdata data platform is also excluded from using NFSv4. The target/staging hosts required additional configuration changes before NFSv4 can be used, see NFSv4 Only - Enabling Recover Lost Locks for more information.

NFSv4 is disabled by default, however, Delphix Engines can opt-in to enable v4. A new CLI service for NFS is provided to change the opt-in setting to an automatic mode where the Engine will use v4 where supported.

Possible values for the CLI setting are:

AUTOMATIC: Data sources will be mounted using NFSv4 where possible, or NFSv3 when NFSv4 is not possible.

NFSv3: Forces all mounts to be done over NFSv3.

Enabling NFSv4 

  1. Ssh into the engine as a sysadmin user, the admin UI does not offer control over NFS services.

    ssh sysadmin@delphix
  2. Change the directory to service, then to nfs.

    delphix > cd service
    delphix service > cd nfs
  3. Update the mountVersion option to AUTOMATIC.

    delphix service nfs> ls
        type: NfsConfig
        mountVersion: AUTOMATIC
    delphix service userInterface > update
    delphix service userInterface update *> set mountVersion=AUTOMATIC
    delphix service userInterface update *> commit
    delphix service nfs> exit

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