Policies and Time Zones

You can configure the SnapSync, VDB Snapshot, and VDB Refresh policies with the time zone in which the policy should be scheduled.

To edit the time zone of a policy:

  1. Login to the Delphix Management application.
  2. Click Manage.
  3. Select Policies.
  4. Click on the pencil icon located next to the selected policy.
  5. Select the appropriate time zone from the drop-down list.
  6. Click Submit.

    Retention and Quota policies are not schedulable and do not need a time zone.

Upgrading to Version 4.2 or higher:

Prior to version 4.2, a policy operated under the time zone of the policy’s target. For example, a SnapSync Policy scheduled for 4:00 am every day that targeted a dSource in Eastern Standard Time (EST) and a dSource in Pacific Standard Time (PST) fired twice a day: once at 4:00 am EST and once at 4:00 am PST. 

To maintain the same behavior of the Delphix Engine after an upgrade, the upgrade process clones existing policies with these clones differing only in their time zone. After upgrading, you may notice that the names of policies change to include the time zones in which they operate.

Default policies are not cloned and always operate under the timezone of the Delphix Engine.

Example of an Upgrade Engine

In this example, the dSources and VDBs originally operated under either EST (America/New_York) or CST (America/Mexico_City), and new policies were created to reflect this.

Original Policy

New Policies


UserSnapSync (America/Mexico_City)
UserSnapSync (America/New_York)


SnapshotTest (America/Mexico_City)
SnapshotTest (America/New_York)


UserRefresh (America/Mexico_City)
UserRefresh (America/New_York)

After an upgrade, ensure that the policies are configured as expected; it may have been unclear prior to this upgrade when policies were actually firing.

Also, after upgrading to 4.2 or higher, you may consolidate/clean-up the clones and these changes will persist through future upgrades. If you go to the policy tab, and click on a policy you should see a timezone field. This timezone field is editable. So for example, if you had "VDB_SNAP (US/Arizona)" and "VDB_SNAP (America/Phoenix)", you could delete one of the duplicates (they are both from the same time zone in this case), make sure the timezone field is set to the desired time zone and rename the remaining policy to "VDB_SNAP".