This topic describes how to provision a virtual database (VDB) from an SAP ASE dSource.


  • You must have already linked a dSource from a source database, as described in Linking Data Sources with SAP ASE, or have already created a VDB from which you want to provision another VDB.
  • You must have already set up target environments as described in Adding an SAP ASE Environment.
  • Ensure that you have the required privileges on the target environment, as described in Requirements for ASE Environments and Databases.
  • If you are provisioning to a target environment that is different from the one in which you set up the staging database, you must make sure that the two environments have compatible operating systems, as described in Requirements for SAP ASE Environments and Databases. For more information on the staging database and the validated sync process, see Managing SAP ASE Environments Overview.


  1. Login to the Delphix Management application.
  2. Click Manage
  3. Select Datasets.
  4. Select a dSource.
  5. Select a means of provisioning
  6. Click Provision.
    The Provision VDB panel will open, and the Instance and Database Name fields will auto-populate with information from the dSource.
  7. Select whether to enable Truncate Log on Checkpoint database option for the VDB.
  8. Click Next.
  9. Select a Target Group for the VDB.
    Click the green Plus icon to add a new group, if necessary.
  10. Select a Snapshot Policy for the VDB.
    Click the green Plus icon to create a new policy, if necessary.
  11. Click Auto VDB Restart to enable VDBs to be automatically restarted when staging/target host gets rebooted, if necessary.
  12. Specify any Hooks to be used during the provisioning process.
  13. If your Delphix Engine system administrator has configured the Delphix Engine to communicate with an SMTP server, you will be able to specify one or more people to notify when the provisioning is done. You can choose other Delphix Engine users or enter email addresses.
  14. Click Submit.
    When provisioning starts, the VDB will appear in the Datasets panel. Select the VDB and navigate to the Status tab to see the progress of the job. When provisioning is complete, more information can be seen on the Configuration tab.

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