Review the official documentation for the full list of required ports, which depends on your database vendor. Open only those ports that are required. The following table only lists generic requirements; you will need additional ports to integrate with databases.


Open Only Required Ports.

General Port Allocation

The Delphix Engine makes use of the following network ports irrespective of the type of database objects on it:

General Outbound Port Allocations

ProtocolPort NumbersUse

Passive FTP connections from the Delphix Engine to the Delphix FTP server. Used for sending logs to Delphix Support.

TCP25Connection to a local SMTP server for sending email.
TCP/UDP53Connections to local DNS servers
UDP123Connection to an NTP server
TCP/UDP389Standard access to an LDAP server
TCP/UDP636Secure access to an LDAP server

Used to complete the passive FTP connection from the Delphix Engine to Delphix Support. These ports are not used if Delphix uses a proxy server to connect to the Internet.

TCP8415A Delphix replication source will connect to the replication target using this destination port

General Inbound Port Allocations

ProtocolPort NumberUse
TCP/UDP22SSH connections to the Delphix Engine
TCP80HTTP connections to the Delphix GUI
TCP443HTTPS connections to the Delphix GUI
TCP8415A Delphix replication target will accept incoming connections to this port from the replication

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