DLPX-69638Masking job created on engine or prior is failing after the upgrade to version or laterMasking jobs created in 6.0.1.x using a Hana JDBC driver will need to be updated to grant the following permission {"" "/", "read"} in All drivers created in and after will be granted this permission by default.


DLPX-60397If a mapping algorithm is included in multiple jobs, only one job should be run at a time. If multiple jobs are run at the same time, then the mapping algorithm might contain multiple mappings to the same value or the jobs might deadlock.Only run one job at a time.
DLPX-60947Self-Service template with replica VDB is not updated with new Timeflow on incremental replication update

The latest replica VDB data can still be accessed by doing a Self-Service container Refresh, rather than a point-in-time restore from the template.


Certificate import validation may incorrectly reject a root CA certificate

Support must manually import the certificate into the truststore.


Masking operation should wait for zfs delete queue to drain

Replication may send more data than expected if masking involves dropping large DBF files.


V5 API /roles endpoint missing certain items

View and set these privileges through the GUI


Failed DSP engine test leads to multiple blocked client.jar processes on target hosts.

Restarting a Delphix Engine during a network throughput test is not recommended as it may lead to a system hang.


ADFS does not like NameIDPolicy sent by SSO app

Create an explicit rule in ADFS that transforms the {{emailAddress}} attribute into a {{nameid}}. The rule type must be "Transform an incoming claim". The incoming claim type must be "Email address" and the outgoing claim type "Name ID". The nameid format must be "Email address".


Date format is changed after importing the environment

Either (a) use the GUI import feature and then review the imported date formats for correctness or (b) use EngineSync to export/import jobs, which will not alter the date format.