Securing the Delphix GUI is similar to securing other web consoles.

Reduce Inactive Session Timeout to 15 minutes

You can do this with a CLI command on a per-user basis by modifying the sessionTimeout Property of the User object.

For example:>  cd  user user> select delphix_admin user 'delphix_admin'> update user 'delphix_admin' update *> set sessionTimeout=15 user 'delphix_admin' update *> commit

The default is 30 minutes.

Use a URL from your Domain and Create a Signed Certificate

Do not use IP Addresses to access your engine. Create a hostname and DNS entry, such as “”.

Delphix Support can assist you in converting the engine from a self-signed certificate to a signed certificate that maps to your domain name. Please file a Support ticket.

Disable HTTP Access

To protect your credentials in flight and connection with the engine, disable HTTP or configure HTTP to redirect connections to HTTPS. For instructions on configuring HTTP and HTTPS, see Changing HTTP and HTTPS Web Connections.

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