Managing the Operating System

Delphix Reporting runs as an open virtual appliance. The underlying operating system, CentOS, can be modified or patched as needed. For best practices, please refer to the official documentation:

Note: Any changes to files related to Delphix may result in an unusable system. These files are stored in the following locations:

  • /opt/delphix

  • /var/delphix

  • /var/log/delphix

To manage the appliance or the Operation System or to upgrade, you must have root access. The default root password is delphix. You should change this as soon as possible.

To navigate to the System screen, as seen below:

  1. On the right-hand side of the toolbar, click the configuration icon. 

  2. Click System

Here you can view the current version of Delphix Reporting.

System Tab

Delphix Reporting Upgrade instructions

Delphix Reporting was released to fix some security issues and bugs. One bug that we found in the version is the upgrade functionality from UI is not working properly. Thus, customers using cannot upgrade to from the UI. Here are the instructions and requirements for upgrading to Delphix Reporting

The upgrade instruction provided below assumes the Reporting VM has external network (internet) access. If this is not available, the install script may fail. An alternative method to complete upgrade is documented in the following KB article.


  1. Download and from Delphix download site
  2. Copy the to the server that hosts Delphix Reporting. Here we assume the file is copied to directory /tmp on the server.
  3. SSH to the Delphix Reporting server with the username root and its password. The default password is delphix.
  4. Run command sha256sum /tmp/ and make sure its output is the same as the content of
  5. Run command sh /tmp/

After step 5, users can verify the state of the services by running commands service delphix-collector status and service delphix-webapp status

Activity Eleven: Generate and Upload MC Support Bundles

You only need to do this when Delphix support requests that you send a Delphix Reporting support bundle.
  1. On the right-hand side of the toolbar, click the configuration icon.

  2. Click System

  3. Scroll down to the Support section.

  4. Enter the case number if provided by Delphix support.

  5. Click Submit.