This topic describes the basic concepts involved with provisioning VDBs from PostgreSQL.

Virtual databases are a key data management concept for Delphix. In order to create or provision a virtual database, you will need a linked dSource from a source host and a compatible target environment, as described in the overview for Managing Environments and Hosts and Overview of Requirements for PostgreSQL.

From a dSource, you can select a snapshot or point in time to create a VDB. PostgreSQL VDBs each have their own configuration settings as described in Configuration Settings for PostgreSQL Virtual Databases

For an overview of the high-level components involved in provisioning a PostgreSQL VDB refer to Setting Up PostgreSQL Environments: An Overview.

Once you have provisioned a VDB, you can also take snapshots of it. As with the dSource snapshots, you can find these when you select the VDB in the Datasets panel. You can then provision additional VDBs from these VDB snapshots.


If there are dependencies on the snapshot, you will not be able to delete the snapshot free space; the dependencies rely on the data associated with the snapshot.

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