This topic describes how to change the name of the default group <New Group> on the Delphix Engine as a simple example of CLI interactions. You must have delphix_admin credentials to perform this procedure.


  1. Switch to the group context and list groups on the system.

    delphix> group
    delphix group> list
    <New Group>  -
  2. Select the default group and show current properties.

    delphix group> select "<New Group>"
    delphix group "<New Group>"> get
        name: <New Group>
        type: Group
        description: (unset)
        reference: GROUP-1
  3. Run the update command and set the name.

    delphix group "<New Group>"> update
    delphix group "<New Group>" update *> set name=default
    delphix group "<New Group>" update *> get
        name: default (*)
        type: Group
        description: (unset)
        reference: GROUP-1
  4. Commit the operation.

    delphix group "<New Group>" update *> commit
    delphix group "default">