This topic describes property commands for the DelphixEngine command-line interface.




When in operation context, commit the changes and execute the operation.

discardWhen in operation context, discard any changes and abort the operation.
editChange the current context to be relative to a particular object property when in operation context.

Get all properties (with no arguments) or a particular property of the current object.

revertRevert a particular property to its default value, either the value of the underlying object during an update or the default command input value.
setSet the value of one or more properties. These properties can be specified as name=value, or as simply the property name. When only the property name is specified the CLI will prompt for the value to use, optionally obscuring the input if the property is a password.
unsetClear the current value of a property. This is not the same as reverting the property, though this can have semantically identical behavior in the case that the default value is unset.