Upgrading the Delphix Engine is a multi-step process that requires some preparation. The engine upgrade process will affect the availability of the Delphix Engine administrative interface and virtual datasets during the operation based on the type of upgrade chosen. Upgrades typically take 1-2 hours. Please refer to Upgrade Matrix and the Version Compatibility and Support Pre-Checks callout below before proceeding with an upgrade.

The following sections explain the steps involved in the upgrade process with links to detailed instructions for proceeding through each of them.

Types of Upgrade

There are two types of upgrades, which are characterized by the impact they have on VDBs during the operation:

Upgrade TypeDescription
Delay the Restart

The user interface, API and CLI (Command Line Interface) will only be available to the user performing the upgrade. dSources will stop refreshing from production. Policies execution will be delayed until after the upgrade has completed. Jobs will be canceled (and resumed after upgrade if supported). Access to VDB data will not be affected by this upgrade and can be used normally.

Apply Now

In addition to performing an application upgrade, DelphixOS, the operating system that runs Delphix, will be upgraded and the machine will reboot to the new OS as part of the upgrade process. The Delphix Engine will automatically disable all VDBs and dSources during the upgrade process in order to safely reboot to the new version, and thus you should schedule downtime for your VDB applications.

Outline of the Upgrade Process


Please be aware, upgrades to must originate from version and above, which could add an additional upgrade step (e.g. 5.3.1 → → Version is the latest version that can upgrade from

  • Customers running version 5.3.9 and earlier that are requesting an upgrade to and above, please contact Delphix Support to help coordinate this upgrade.

Upgrading from 6.0.x to 6.0.x includes pre-checks packaged in the upgrade image, contacting Delphix Support for this upgrade is not required (e.g. →

The following is an outline of the steps for upgrading the Delphix Engine:

  1. Download the upgrade image to your computer from the Delphix download site (and optionally verify the integrity of the image).
  2. Upload the upgrade image to the Delphix Engine.
  3. Verify and resolve the system requirements and known defects before starting the upgrade.
  4. Schedule the appropriate downtime.

  5. Verify dataset and environment connectivity.
  6. Start the upgrade and choose upgrade type.
  7. Address  any runtime failures that happen as part of the upgrade.
  8. Verify that the upgrade completed successfully.

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