Welcome to Delphix Reporting

Delphix Mission Control is now known as Delphix Reporting.

Delphix Reporting is a centralized reporting and auditing tool for overseeing multiple Delphix Engine deployments. Delphix Reporting allows administrators to combine, sort, and audit data from multiple Delphix Engines. A centralized view of data from many Delphix Engines allows administrators to promptly identify any issues with the deployment, determine where resources are allocated, quickly locate deployed databases, and properly size future additions.

For security purposes, Delphix recommends:

  • Changing your default Delphix Reporting password once you have successfully logged on for the first time.
  • Limiting access to the Delphix Reporting MongoDB database to authorized administrators only.

User Roles and Permissions

Delphix Reporting has two types of users:

Admin User 

Admin users have full access to all report data and can configure the Delphix Reporting appliance. For example, they can:

  • add/delete Delphix Engine
  • add/delete reports
  • add/delete users
  • change tunable settings
  • add/delete tags

Auditor User

Auditor users can only view report data. Admin users can also assign auditor users a set of tags (arbitrary text strings) to restrict which report data they can view. There is no default auditor account. The first Delphix Administrator will need to create the auditor users and will be responsible for creating their User IDs and Passwords.

System Requirements

The VM guest where you install Delphix Reporting has the following requirements: 
  • VMware ESX: 4.x or greater

  • Two Virtual CPUs

  • 4 GB of Memory

  • 50 GB of Storage

Delphix Reporting supports Delphix Engine 4.0 or later.

Supported Browsers

The following are the minimum supported browser versions for accessing the Delphix Reporting console:
  • Chrome 37

  • Safari 7

  • Firefox 32

  • Internet Explorer 11

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