Masking End-of-Life Features

  • ESX 5.5 support will be end-of-life in 6.0.7

  • Masking Connectors: Db2 LUW and zOS v9, Db2 LUW and zOS v10, SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2008 R2


The following list of OS and DB versions are now past their respective support windows. Delphix will deprecate these versions to stay in line with Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP lifecycle policies:

  • Windows 2008 R2: Microsoft End of Extended Support (EoES) January 4th, 2020

  • SQL Server 2008/2008 R2: Microsoft End of Extended Support (EoES) July 9th, 2019

  • Oracle 10: Oracle End of Extended Support (EoES) July 2013

  • SAP ASE 15.0.3: SAP End-of-Life (EoL) March 31st, 2015


End-of-Life Features

  • Masking:

    • Job Scheduler - As of this release, Delphix has removed the Job Scheduler feature. The introduction of Masking’s REST API several releases ago allowed customers to schedule job executions using their preferred job scheduler. As a result, the integrated scheduler is seldom used.

Deprecated Features

  • Masking:

    • FTP, SFTP, and mount upload for XML and Cobol formats - FTP/SFTP/Mount-based format import were the original modes for XML and Cobol files, since then, Delphix has added the ability to upload a format file, which is far simpler to set up. After the introduction of “upload”, we’ve seen a dramatic shift away from the legacy import modes in favor of the simplicity of “upload”.

    • Row Type Feature - Originally geared for limiting masking to subsets of rows within a column, this feature was seldomly used. Its functionality, if desired, can still be replicated via the Custom SQL feature.

    • Redundant Settings for ‘Edit Table’ under Rule Sets - Table Suffix, Add Column, Join Table, and List - These settings are redundant and can be replicated with the Custom SQL setting.

    • ‘HAVING’ clause from Masking API - Deprecating due to low use. This feature, if desired, can be replicated with Custom SQL.


End-of-Life Features

  • AWS i.3 (EOL) January 22, 2020
  • Microsoft Azure GSx (EOL) May 7, 2020


End-of-Life Features

  • Removed Virtualization Features: A few features will be removed with the 6.0 release. If these features are in use, the upgrade will not proceed.

    • Cross Platform Provisioning (XPP)

    • AIX 6.1 Technology Levels 0-6 and AIX 7.1 Technology Levels 0-2 for Environments

    • Windows Server 2008 for Environments

      Windows Server 2008 will not have an upgrade blocker.
  • Removed Masking Features: Please note that Excel files can still be masked by first converting them to one of Delphix’s supported file types (CSV, etc). Also, XML CLOBs can be masked by extracting their values into a table (example - using extractValue in Oracle).

    • Native XML CLOB masking: After upgrade, columns masked as XML CLOBs will have the NULL SL algorithm assigned.

    • DB2 9.1, 9.5, and other 9.x versions of LUW & Z/OS

    • “Create target” job option: After upgrade jobs using “create target” will be removed.

    • “Bulk data” job option: After upgrade, jobs using “bulk data” will be turned into non-bulk data jobs.

    • Native Microsoft Excel Masking: After upgrade, MS Excel connectors, rulesets and jobs will be removed.