After an uncontrolled failover, for Oracle SI and RAC complete the following procedure:

  1. Enable dSources and VDBs on the target engine. 
    dSources will be enabled but the VDBs/vPDBs will fail.
  2. To enable VDBs, shutdown the database instance using SHUTDOWN ABORT.
  3. Remove all the mounts from the target environment with sudo privilege.
    1. List all the mounts on the target environment using the mount command.
    2. Run umount -lf <Delphix-mount> to remove the mounts.
      For example: umount -lf /mnt/provision/VDBOMSR8A1718_FPX/datafile
  4. Remove all the stale oracle processes of the database instance using kill -p <process id>.
    1. Run ps -ef | grep “DATABASE INSTANCE to get all the running processes associated with the database instance.
      For example ps -ef | grep VDBOMSR8A1718_FPX. This command list all the running processes, e.g. oracle   15236  9227  0 11:01 pts/0    00:00:00 grep --color=auto VDBOMSR8A1718_FPX
    2. Run kill -p <process id> to kill all the running processes.
      For e
      xample: kill -9 15236
  5. Now enabling VDBs and VPDBs will be successful.

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