NFSv4 support is available on the following OS versions, and AppData is supported for NFSv4.

OS versionNSFv4 support
RHEL 6.3 or laterSupported
SLES 11.4 or laterSupported
AIX 7.1, 7.2Supported 

The target/staging hosts require additional configuration changes before NFSv4 can be used, see Linux/Redhat/CentOs for Redhat and SLES and IBM AIX for AIX. NFSv4 is disabled by default, however, Delphix Engines can opt-in to enable v4. A new CLI service for NFS is provided to change the opt-in setting to an automatic mode where the Engine will use v4 where supported.

Possible values for the CLI setting are:

AUTOMATIC: Data sources will be mounted using NFSv4 where possible, or NFSv3 when NFSv4 is not possible.

NFSv3: Forces all mounts to be done over NFSv3.

Dataset Status Tab NFS Reasons

NFS ReasonNotes
DefaultNFSv4 is used by default.
Old RedHatNFSv3 is used with versions of RedHat older than 6.3.
Unsupported OSNFSv3 is used with AIX, HP-UX, and Solaris.
DNFSdNFS is in use and does not support NFSv4.
Tunable OverrideThe nfs.version tunable is set to force NFSv3.
Configuration OverrideAppears with default operation, implies that a configuration parameter has changed.
No Recover Lost LocksThe required Linux NFS client 'recover_lost_locks' setting is not enabled.
Unsupported Data PlatformNFSv3 is used with AppData.
Incomplete v4 Confignfsrgyd daemon is not running or reverse DNS lookup is missing.


Enabling NFSv4 

  1. Ssh into the engine as a sysadmin user, the admin UI does not offer control over NFS services.

    ssh sysadmin@delphix
  2. Change the directory to service, then to nfs.

    delphix > cd service
    delphix service > cd nfs
  3. Update the mountVersion option to AUTOMATIC.

    delphix service nfs> ls
        type: NfsConfig
        mountVersion: AUTOMATIC
    delphix service userInterface > update
    delphix service userInterface update *> set mountVersion=AUTOMATIC
    delphix service userInterface update *> commit
    delphix service nfs> exit

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