Welcome to the 4.2 release of the Delphix Engine database virtualization system.      

4.2 Upgrade Matrix

Upgrades to Delphix Engine 4.2 are supported from and above.
3.2 and prior            
4.0 - 4.1                                             


ColorSupported? VDB Downtime Required? 1
 YesNot Required
 YesOptional 2
  1. VDB Downtime is caused by a reboot of the Delphix Engine when DelphixOS is modified by an upgrade.
  2. VDB Downtime may be optional for an upgrade when a release contains DelphixOS changes that are also optional. In such a scenario, the DelphixOS changes may be deferred (see documentation on Deferred OS Upgrade).

Supported Oracle DBMS Versions and Operating Systems for Source and Target Environments

Supported SQL Server Versions, Operating Systems, and Backup Software

Supported PostgreSQL Versions and Operating Systems

Supported SAP ASE Versions and Operating Systems

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